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1952 N Cicero Ave Chicago, IL 60639

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Top Quality Gold & Silver Exchange is a leading Chicago Pawn Shop. For over 20 years we have been buying and selling valuables.  We welcome you to bring your valuables to our Cicero Avenue location. 

Have valuable items that you need to sell and get cash today?

We buy  and sell the following:

  • Gold & Silver
  • Jewelry
  • Tools
  • Electronic 

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Top Quality Gold & Silver Exchange
1952 N Cicero Ave Chicago, IL 60639
Monday- Saturday 9am-9pm
Sunday  11 am to 7 pm.

Pawn Shop Chicago

What items can you bring to our pawn shop?

We buy and sell the following: Gold & Silver, Jewelry, Tools and Electronic Most of the things you have at home can be pawning. But, you should keep in mind that some of them must meet certain requirements. For starters, they must be in good condition.

Here’s a list of some of the most common things you can pawn for immediate loans:

  • Jewelry
  • Watches (With Swiss machinery)
  • Cars
  • Bicycles
  • Photo and Video Cameras
  • Video Game Consoles and Video Games
  • Computer Equipment
    Electronics, televisions, and screens (Recent Models)
  • Cellulars (Recent Models of Smartphones with Accessories)
  • Cookware and Crockery
  • Household Appliances
  • Musical Instruments
  • Mechanical and Electrical Tools (Top Brands)
  • Leather goods

                                      Is pawning the best alternative?

Pawning is an easy way to get money because you can turn things you already have at home into cash. Sometimes once the items are in the hands of the pawn shop, it may be expensive to recover them. You run the risk of not being able to do so if you don’t pay on time.

If you’re considering pawning an item to receive cash, we outline how it works at our pawn shop in Chicago. Take these considerations into account.

Our Promise to You

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Top quality provides fast, friendly and professional service for all your needs. We offer the best options and the highest value for all your valuables.
Top quality is dedicating to providing you with the best loan and pawn service in the area.

Cash for your Valuables


At Top Quality, a pawn is considering a loan. Customers bring in an item, and we appraise the item based on its condition and current market value. We guarantee a fair and transparent estimate for your item. Top Quality will make loans on almost anything of value.


“I love personalized rare pieces and when I came to this store I was glorified at all the beautiful pieces. The service was exceptional. I have been looking for a snowflake yellow gold necklace for over a 2 years now when I asked him and explained to him exactly what I was looking for, I came back in 2 weeks later to pick it up and it was perfect. Everything I imagined it would be I’m overall very pleased with Top Quality I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for jewelry or a small loan.

Joe L

“These are kindest and professional pawn shop owners I have ever met! Their prices are good, and they are honest people Won’t sell my products in other Pawn Shops”

John D

“Simply fantastic. Top Quality has a good selection of products at a price that is incomparable to others. The staff is respectful and knowledgeable. They stand behind their negotiating price and review every item. They truly go out of the way to help with any issues you may have. Pleasant experience as soon as I walked in. Staff is outstanding and always willing to assist. I would HIGHLY recommend this pawn.”

Rick M

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Need to sell your gold or silver pieces?
We appraise and buy valuable items. At Top Quality Gold & Silver Exchange, we provide excellent service and fair pricing. We also offer an expansive gold and silver pawn shop inventory to Chicago area shoppers.

The gold and silver pawn shop is a reliable place to buy and sell jewelry. Top Quality Gold & Silver Exchange. Has a team of experts who are responsible for reviewing your silver pieces. So the aim of giving you the best price for them.

Do not let other places give you a few cents for jewelry that has great meaning for you.

If you have jewelry in your possession, it is now easier to sell or buy diamonds. You have to follow these steps:

1- Bring your diamond to our branch.
2- If you want to sell or buy your diamonds, you will receive your money on the spot.

3- It is important that you bring a proper identification document

At our electronic pawn shop, we buy and sell technological. What do you need to pawn your smartphone?

You must keep the device in good condition. This will guarantee that you’ll receive a good sum of money for it.

Top Quality Gold & Silver Exchange offers the best prices in the market.

How do pawn shops on Chicago determine value?

In exchange for an object of value, pawn shops give you an immediate loan. Once you pay off your loan, you can recover the object you pawned. Our pawn shop in Chicago focuses on providing exceptional customer services. Our professional appraiser can answer any and all questions.

Appraisers take into account the condition of the item. They are familiar with the cut and clarity of diamonds as well as the carat weight of gold. Enhance your understanding of the pawn industry and how pawn shops work.

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How is the loan value determined in the pawn shop in Chicago?

In the gold & silver pawn shop. The loan amount you receive depends on the value of the item. You are going to pawn and the appraisal percentage each pawn shop has. Your appraisers review each item and define its value. Next, they apply the appraisal percentage to define the final loan amount.

The appraisal of your items as well as the appraisal percentage varies from one pawn shop to another. A common mistake is to go immediately with the first option without comparing it.

Learn Payment Terms Before You Borrow

Terms vary from pawn shop to pawn shop and depending on the items. Sometimes the smaller term can be from 1 day and in others, the most term to pay is around 6 months.
In some cases, there is the option of extending the term through the payment of an endorsement. The endorsement consists of paying interest before the payment deadline. This must be doing to extend the term. But, there are a limited number of endorsements you can make and it does not always apply to all items. You can use a cash converter Here.

Do you need money? Do you want to sell or buy jewelry? See our gold and silver pawn shop items for sale.

Pawning Process

After your belongings have been appraising, you will receive a loan. If you decide to accept it and meet the requirements, you could collect cash immediately.

You will receive a pawn ticket. It will have your information and a detailed description of the pledge. This includes the amount of the loan, interest, and extra costs. Conditions for recovering the pawned item will also a description. The slip is your pawn contract and should handle with care.

Before making a decision, keep in mind the total cost and interest of the loan

Repaying Pawn Loan 

Once you have the money to pay the loan plus the interest, you can recover what you pawned. Of course, you will have to go to the branch where you pawned with your pawn ticket.

What happens if you don't repay your loan?

If you can’t make the performance payment, the pawn shop will sell your pledge and you won’t  be able to get it back. The pawnbroker can sell it to recover the cash. When you take out a pawnshop loan, all you really stand to lose is the item you pawned.

Different Types of Pawn Shop

There are private commercial pawn shops and private assistance institutions (IAP). Private pawn shops must be registered with Profeco. They offer you larger loans for your pledges. However, they also have higher interest rates. IAPs are a not for profit, so they have lower interest rates as well as smaller loans.

Get the Best Price at Our Pawn Shop near me

If you are looking for loans, consider and compare other options. Top Quality Gold & Silver Exchange is ready to help you with all of your pawn and loan services. Don’t be burdened by unexpected financial crises. We are happy to help you evaluate your items. Our pawn shop near me offers fast cash-loans at low-interest rates.

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